Monday, August 20, 2012

You missed dinner

Marinated and cooked these country style pork ribs in my fermented tomato juice very yummy.  receipt here  No beer though.  The spanish pickles were great with it.  Andrew catch up.

  I got some smooth skinned pickling cucumbers, they seemed a bit watery, and I did not think they would ferment well.  So I made the kosher dills off the Morton Salt web site.  Just used dill seed, who has fresh dill heads?   Also very exciting news there is a real veg farmer in Ahwahnee and I got 25 lbs of tomatoes.  She has 8 to 10 foot fences, Paul.

Started tomato jam tonight and I know you are all green with envy.  There is nothing better than tomato jam on a bagel with cream cheese and sausage.  Here is the Kerr receipt from 1946.

5 lb tomatoes
5 cp brown sugar
2 1/2 cp vinegar
3 cp raisins
1 T whole cloves, allspice & stick cinnamon

Cut tomatoes in pieces after peeling. Add supar and viegar, and spices in a cheesecloth.  Boil slow for 2 hours, add raisins, chopped, and boil 1 hour longer.  Remove spices and pour into Kerr Jars and seal.

I think I will skip the raisins, and some of the vinegar for lemon slices and lemon juice.     

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