Sunday, August 19, 2012

Clean house

Didn't get much cooking done.  Made a Tortilla Espanola for Paul and Nick to tell me it did not taste like the ones in Spain.  This is Spanish Pickle and it is really good.  I will post the receipt tomorrow.  

So the tomato stuff.  It is always a surprise how good it tastes.  I save the watery part for drinking, soup and marinade.  Put the pulp in the food drier, when it is pasty I pack it in a jar & put some oil on top and keep in the fridge.  Sadly I have yet to make enough to last more than a week, it is very yummy and adds a big flavor boost to anything you put it in.  I am picking up more tomatoes tomorrow so I am working on getting a few jars for the winter.  I will post the original receipt for this, in case you can find a roof to dry your paste on.

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